IAD 2011 - International Animation Day, october 28th.

October 28th is International Animation Day. This year it’s 10 year anniversary. IAD is initiated by Asifa but anyone can participate. During the day animation screenings is arranged around the world.

How about Synfig celebrating the event by putting together a program of animation to be shown on Vimeo (and youtube)?

+1 from my side but what do you understand by “a program of animation”? I’m a bit lost with my poor English :blush:

Holy shit! Excellent time to publicize Synfig and censored! :mrgreen:

*Hmm, it needs membership fee of $33 USD. On top of that, I can’t travel…

Perhaps programme is a better term? What I mean is a block of animations put together.

tushantin. Sorry, I don’t understand your membership fee and travelling comment.

So, do anyone know the limitations for Vimeo in length? I know I have 500Mb upload per week but is that the size of the source file or the file after it has been re-encoded at vimeo? Perhaps a playlist with different movies would be the way to go?

There probably need to be some kind of selection on what to include.

any other thoughts?

The first thing to do is a selection of movies to include. That means to have the creators agreement on use them for that matter. Also it is needed to have the source files of everything to re-render at highest resolution we want to have.

I offer my self for rendering the movies. Any of my awful animations are available for that purpose but I wont’ vote for any of them to be included.

I would prefer to include less but with good quality rather than many with poor quality.


Exactly my though.

IAD is getting closer. As usual I have large plans but no spare time, :frowning:, so I haven’t organized anything.
Are there anyone else that might want to give this a shot?

i would like to, i’m having some free time, the downside is that i’m quite new to the program and i may not work fast, plus, i’m not very good at drawing

Great! You’re more than welcome!
I think a good starting point would be to look thorugh what interesting animations have been done with synfig lately.