I really need your help

I am writing this while I’m close to tears. I have lost my work which is 90% completed. Each time i try to open the file I get these messages:

Unable to load “C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz”:

  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42403: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1172) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42444: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1172) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42654: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1175) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42769: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1179) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42831: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1182) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42893: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1183) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::42955: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1184) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43165: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1187) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43206: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1187) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43268: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1188) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43309: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1188) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43371: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1189) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43412: error: Unknown ID (:NewDrawing1189) referenced in parameter “bline”
  • C:\Users\lily\Synfig\Respider.sifz::43474: error:

It’s really really painful to lose it. I have worked hard on it for almost a month.
Could all this go with the wind? Is there some hope of recovering it?

I’m really desperate :cry:

Can you post the file?

Respider.sifz (57.7 KB)

It looks like the errors are referencing stuff in ladybird.sifz. Can that file open? Is it saved in the same place as the other files Respider references? I.e. spiparts.sifz, sp1.sifz, etc. If not, can you post that file too?

I’ll check


spiparts.sifz, etc open normally

I’ll send you the ones that have errors
umbrella.sifz (5.13 KB)
shadowspider.sifz (38.6 KB)

Hmmm, I think I’m going to need all the files in your Respider project for it to let me open them. Can you post them? If you know how, you can compress them into one file.

Ill give it a try. I’m really grateful for your efforts

Here you are
incy.zip (481 KB)

Ok, I think I found the problem. Some of exported values from ladybird.sifz in the other files lost their reference to ladybird. I’m in the process of fixing it now. I’ll post the updated files when I’m done or let you know if I run into any issues.

Oh. many thanks…You’re great!

Ok, now I’m having issues with the umbrella and part1 files. I’m not really that familiar with synfig’s xml so it someone with more experience wants to try to beat me to a solution, feel free. :slight_smile: In the mean time, I’ll poke at this throughout the day and after work I’ll really dig into again.

I seems that there is many circular references there. Difficult to solve.

Ok, here’s my updated versions of part1.sifz, umbrella.sifz, and Respider.sifz that seem to work on my machine. In addition to making sure the three files referenced ladybird where they needed to I removed the paste canvas in part1.sifz that contained umbrella.sifz. It may have broken that part of your animation, I couldn’t tell, but at least (hopefully) you’ll be able to open it and fix it yourself. You’ll probably want to make a copy of your project and test my changes with that instead of your original just in case I messed something up. Please let me know if this worked or if you still get errors.
Respider.sifz (64 KB)
umbrella.sifz (5.8 KB)
part1.sifz (3.37 KB)

Thanks a lot for your effort Lungching. The 3 files won’t open… here is one of the error messages I got:

unable to load “C:\Users\lily\AppData\Local\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\4Z43KPVM\umbrella.sifz”:

  • Can’t open file “C:\Users\lily\AppData\Local\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\4Z43KPVM\ladybird.sifz”

you’re right it’s the umbrella file that caused the crash.

Your attempt is much appreciated . I think that I have to restart from scratch. :unamused:

Take care

Well that stinks. I’m sorry :frowning:

Well, this time around you can set it up so that you always have a copy to go back to. If you want to do it simply you can, every day or every few days, copy your files to a different directory so you can always go back to older ones if need be. Or you can use a version control system. I use git. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of it so I’ll explain about it a little, just in case. Using git you can commit your changes in a piece-meal fashion. If, at any time, you want to go to an older version you can easily. You can also make copies of your projects super easy that will also have all your history of changes. It even makes it easy to put your stuff up for people to collaborate on a site called github.com, if your so inclined. I’ve got an a few animations there, myself: github.com/lungching

If you’re interested in learning more I just came across this git tutorial: gitimmersion.com/index.html

I hope this helps!