I hope this time I can finish it

Here I present you the WIP of an old project never finished (started before I met synfig). Once it is finished I’ll explain the whole story. Meanwhile let me show you some bits.

The characters and the props:

First videos:

Scene 1

Scene 2


You’re still working on it? Are you using Anime Studio?

I started two times in Anime Studio but finally it was abandoned. I made it too complicated. To many realistic details.

The shown stills and videos are completely done with synfig!!! of course!!! :slight_smile:

This time I’ve decided to follow a more straight and fresh style. Quasi-copy of the original child drawings. Rich colors an even added a scanned paper texture!

Strangely I feel more freedom without bones. Althought it is hard to animate it is easier to set up. With bones you spend a lot of time to set up the character and only if you are going to reuse it in several episodes it is worth to do.

I’m happy with the results!! :smiley:

More scenes:

Scene 5#


The end is very close! :slight_smile:

Rock on, Genete!

The crumpled paper texture is actually a pretty decent effect - why have it just behind the paper? If you put it in front of everything, the whole animation will look like it’s on a page.

Keep going!

I’ve doubt about that several times. If I place it on top it makes the colors of the characters so dark. I like them more vibrant! I’ll decide that at the end. It is very easy to change so now I’m concentrated on the animation itself.

I plan to make a DVD with a menu for a presentation of each character the animation divided in chapters and even an extras area (original drawings and some sort of blooper reel)… but sssshh! it is a secret! :wink:

BTW, it is not an effect, it is a real crumpled paper scanned image and multiplied onto a yellow solid color. I’ve tested it also to a cyan one.


Scene 6 update. Now it is finished.



The end is close!

Scene 7:


Scene 9:

Enjoy! :smiley:


I saw you had problems with authoring DVD for this movie. Try using “mandvd” for that.