I have problems with Synfig icons in openbox window manager

I installed the program synfig studio arch linux operating system with openbox window manager . I have a problem with icons that are arranged like a cross. These are very large and do not allow me to work correctly in the program . I searched the solution on several web pages but I have not found it yet. I know that the problem has to do with gtk + , perhaps synfig own theme . I have searched the Internet , and really I could not find anything. I hope you can help me. Thank you for attention. See you soon.

it is a known problem depending on some specific configurations.
You can see more in How to make dock butons smaller? but it seems it is not solved yet.

Hello Archer and welcome here …

This is the Placement Widget. Could you open an issue on the issues tracker please?

Thank you very much for answering. I regret not having used the search bar . What happens is that not mastered the English language and did not know that these buttons arranged in cross DockDropArea were called . I 'll remember that for next time.

Identified problem, see How to make dock butons smaller?