I have a question compiling Synfig Studio with Jack2 as a dependency instead of using Jack

Hello, cordial greetings to all. I am not a programmer, but I compile Synfig Studio on archlinux to test the latest functionalities. Is it advisable to compile Synfig with Jack2 as dependency?
The reason for this question is that there is a bug when displaying the audio wave in the sound docker (# 1649) and I would like to know if it can be caused by compiling with jack2 as a dependency. The rest of the functions such as the reproduction of the audio in the workspace, in the preview window and in the rendered files is normal, only the graphic or sound wave of some files is missing in the sound docker.

Thanks for your attention. Good luck.

No, it isn’t related :frowning:
My guess is the bitrate.


Ok, thank you very much