I don't see the "Index" parameter when creating a "Duplicate" Layer

Trying to follow the help files and such that talk about creating a duplicate and then referencing the index value.
I just don’t see “index” in any of the paramaters of a duplicated graphic (jpg for example).

What am I missing?

Thank you :slight_smile:

hi, good day/night.

“index”? if can you be a little more explicit, I really want to help you, but I don’t remember see a Index Option, or maybe is named diferent on Synfig.

The “index” value is exported automatically as “duplicate”, you can rename it as you wish.
Check the sample with snowflake for use with links/converters.
Always check Wiki first :wink:


Yes, I read what it says, the problem is when I make a duplicate I do not see the parameter, nor do I see it in the Library panel.

Please see attached screenshot which is from Manual.

Why do I not see the index value as shown in my screenshot, after duplicating an object such as a jpg?

Thank you

Just did the test with last version (Dev 1.3.10 Linux x64), all works fine.
Which version/os do you use?

I was using version 1.2.1 Windows. I changed to 1.3.1, same results.

Then I noticed that I had been creating the duplicate layer by right clicking and selecting Duplicate Layer.
The manual actually says to " → New Layer → Other → Duplicate". That worked.

So there are (at least) 2 ways to create a duplicate, and only one works for making indexes. Is that as intended?

Anyway, I should have paid closer attention. Thank you both for helping! Great community here.