I can't sketch well =(

Hi. I need a lil bit of help with drawing. I can draw some, but I would like to become better at it.

Usually when i draw, my sketches come out terrible. They are usually so bad, that i can’t use them as a trace sheet I would have to use it for a reference of poses… However, the final drawing always come out better.I want to sketch well enough so that i they can become traceable onto Synfig.

Are there any sites i can go to for tips, or do you have any direct tips? I know the basic stuff, like, refering everything as a shape first then start filling it in, but the problem is how to go about doing it.


I recently read a thread on Animationforum.net regarding this, http://www.animationforum.net/forum/showthread.php?t=13962&highlight=draw. I think it migh be useful to you. Perhaps not as much the link in the first post but the replies later in the thread.
Good luck.

Fantastic link rylleman! There’s a really good document linked to later on in that thread…

floobynooby.com/ICAN102/How_ … mation.pdf

Thanks! I like the part where he says think of it like sculpting instead of thinking it as drawing. Thinking this will help me give it depth, like a scultpure.

Johnk‘s animation school:

I’ve looked through some of the tips, and it helped improved some of my sketching because before they were alot more scribbily scrabble. They still are sorta, but it will straighten out in time.

This is what I sketched after I read the tips.

And here is the final design.

I know its simple, but unlike before, I was able to follow my sketching for the most part. Now I have to practice at it, and learn more.

Thx again.

I can’t say anything before seeing your sketches because i :confused: about your problem can you give some samples of your sketches than i give…

The same happened with me when i started skteching… :smiley:
You can do one thing just try to sketch it again and again…this will help you understand what is going wrong :blush:
Dont get upset you’ll start sketching like an expert soon :wink:

Yes this is something no beginner wants to hear, but the truth is you only get better at it by doing. One artist wrote you have 10,000 bad sketches/drawings in you, and you have to get those out first before you can get better. :wink:

Just read a lot and draw a lot :slight_smile:
Another good way is try to copy the drawings of others, and you will learn the techniques.
You can learn about anatomy of human if you want to draw characters.
Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is very useful thread for me i tried for many times for that. I think practice makes my drawing perfect.

This can discuss with that artist without any flow

Vector graphics is for people who can’t/don’t want to sketch. You layer shapes instead of drawing them. Something to consider if your not good at drawing a box. :smiley:

Vector and raster graphics are just two different drawing techniques and both of them require talent.
Vectors are easier to interpolate between two keyframes (the original Synfig was made to avoid manual tweening)
Nothing prevent to use them together in a project (manga are often mix a vector, raster and 3D)

the basics!
you can learn in 10 lessons…how to draw realistic things with an excellent method…
how to draw with the right side of your brain!
click here!