I can't seem to download synfig!

I am tried to download synfig 65.03 (I think that’s how you code it)…the version that works with window!! lol
And I get this error after I download it and try to install, I tried it twice and I got same error both times. :S


Thanks to whoever can help!

~ God Bless ~

~ Moko

Maybe you can try these solutions.


Go to this link and don’t use the direct download. Click on the mirror link and choose one near your country.
sourceforge.net/projects/synfig/ … e/download


Maybe this helps:
sourceforge.net/apps/trac/source … ki/Mirrors

I forgot to look back again! Sorry!

Thank you for the links I’ll check them tomorrow when I’m no half asleep.
I saw only one about the error thingy.

That worked! Thank you Genete. :>