I can't make child bones

I can no longer create child bones. The last time I created child bones with an old version of Synfig was about half a year ago. Unfortunately I don’t remember which one was.

Then today I made a bone in a group. Then I tried to create a child bone. Unfortunately, I no longer see the option when I right click on the bone.

If I have previously selected a level or a form, only the following options are available:

  • Convert
  • Interpolation
  • Export Value
  • Forbid Animation

If I right-click and selected the bone “Link to Skeleton” come to the options, but no option for child bone:


What am I doing wrong?

Use the bone tool from the toolbox.

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Thank You! That works.

While working on the bones with the Skeleton Tool, Synfig crashed a few times. Does anyone maybe have any idea how to solve this problem?

The thing is, you’re using a dev version of synfig. Dev versions are generally prone to bugs. You can use stable version to have a lesser bug experience.