I am looking for Synfig freelancer



I am currently looking for a freelancer to design for me a 3 second introduction animation. I don’t have a big budget as this project is really a non profit organization project.

Do you have any contact you could advise me for this work? I have a written brief documentation for this 3 sec animation.



Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

I would propose you to expose your requirements / documentation here, as it is NPO it should not be a problem.
You would reach more audience and members of the community could even have a try for their own training :wink:

Lets publish your video of presentation of your initiative!

What is the FLOSS Marketing School?


Thank you and sorry for the late answer, the video is as well hosted on PeerTube if you don’t want to have YT cookies installed.



My wish is to succeed in animating the following logo https://floss-marketing-school.com/pluginfile.php/1/core_admin/logo/0x150/1562674863/Logo%20Floss%20Marketing%20School-square-white.png which is used in introduction to all the videos on Peertube.
The animation should be 3 seconds long.
The tank will come from the left top and corner and should stop where it is located on the current logo.
I know how to make it come but I don’t know how to animated the wheels as a tank does.
I however know how to animate the wheels of a skateboard: https://peertube.floss-marketing-school.com/videos/watch/77b14823-3a93-4539-80ad-cd72f182bb94.

I would like as well to animated the students who will come from right to left, I purchased the official video training of Synfig so I guess I will be able to animate the students by creating a skeleton.

Can anyone help me to design the tank or give me pieces of advice?

In any cases I will release the full video showing how to animate entirely the logo.

Thank you all for your time.


I think making some lines for the track and add a little of vibration can make the trick, and scale the tank for sort of approaching effect.


Like this:

You can see the timelapse here:

You can download the project file here:
tank.sifz (13.7 KB)