Hungry Firefox | Short animated parody

Hey guys,

I’ve finished my next animation, here it is:

Oh look, I even created a custom thumbnail for it. I feel like a proper YouTuber now, gonna look down on you in a condescending way.

Anyway, this is actually my first finished cartoon unlike my other animations that were just tests of different sorts. This one has characters, my poor voice acting, sounds (all created by me, except one), music (not me), simple story progression, you know.

All animation is made in Synfig, of course. 90% of it is frame-by-frame animation and I even used squash and stretch which I was avoiding like a plague before. Yeah, there are still issues, you can see lip syncing is terrible (I just couldn’t bother, too tedious), but I am OK with my skills now as an amateur and gonna make similar cartoons like this one. Next, I think, I am going to return to my Spy vs Spy idea, you remember I did some tests with it.

P.S. Need to learn music theory to make better sounds and maybe even music. Oh, art is hard…


Cool :smiley: Animation is fluid, history and jokes are good too!


Did you try papagayo or rhubarb lipsync?

I just thought it was a bit louder than it should be.

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I like it very much. (I had to listen with the sound down, though.) Something about the drawing and movement reminds me of the way they did those old Erin Esurance commercials.

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@rodolforg @Marnanel Thank you for feedback. So you think sounds are too loud? Well, I did amplify it to the fullest, I though it’s how you suppose to do it because you can always turn down volume in YouTube’s player, but if the sound is too quiet you have to turn the physical volume knob which is less convenient. There’s probably a guide on what volume levels should be used in films and other media, gotta check it out sometime.

I did check Papagayo. Did not like it, too restrictive. What I ended up doing is, I made labels for my voice files in Audacity, then exported it (it’s a simple txt), then wrote a simple Perl script that reads it and finally creates keyframes in sif file based on those labels on which I then animated lip sync. I guess I can try rhubarb one day.

Interesting comparison. I don’t see much resemblance in the movement of the characters, but style does have some similarities, both are lineless vector work with a quite simple shading.

The background music volume makes difficult hearing the speeches, I guess.

Oh, that’s he reason you used Perl :slight_smile:

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