HTML5 Animation (Synfig mentioned)

Just thought I’d let you know. Synfig’s mentioned here: … ortunities

At least in the comments David mentioned the sifPlayer.
I am very surprised by the reaction of the community over html5 player for synfig. At first I thought that a lib like this was going to blow the web like a tornado but all I can see is a dead calm sea.

To tell you the truth I am really socked with the comment by d.j.a.y. in the blog spot. DRM in html5? What? W3C was supposed to protect our privacy.

Looks like that the time to turn invisible again is near.

Haramanai. You dont mean to stop developing your player are you!? I-m convinced it’s a hit once you get some people actually using it as opposed as trying it for bugs.
I’m creating a banner with it and already love your player. Unfortunately my time is limited and I’m split between a gazillion of different projects… By the way, your changing behaviour for time loop layers broke my animation. Haven’t have time to properly report it. Please stick to synfigs behaviour, evenvif its strange and can be argued to be wrong.
Please continue with the player!

I am new in javascript and self educated coder. I don’t know html, I just learned the ‘methods’ to draw on the html5 canvas.
I don’t know anything about drawing engines. I don’t know anything about interpolation or tweens. I don’t know how to organize and handle a big project like that ( lack of experience and proper education in programming ).

Do you think it’s a good idea to continue “developing”? Can you review my code? I believe that you can.

I am very happy to hear it. I thought you loosed interest too. Glad to hear that it’s just a matter of free time.

Do you use local_time in the timeloop layer? Local time have no functionality in timeloop layer in this version of synfig or I am missing something? Timeloop layer is a powerful layer that it’s broken, you cannot mix your animations! Also I made some user side changes in the latest version. Don’t forget to tick.

Your player is great! I am not a coder: Java(script) might as well be just coffee to me (and I only like tea, lol) and I only know html5 as something obscure that runs under my wysiwyg editor, so it took me a while to figure it out but the player has great potential and is one of a kind. I would love it that you keep refining it, because otherwise I will have to buy Hippoanimator to get my share of html5 animation. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks darkspace65. Do you have any suggestions? I would love to see sifPlayer in action.
There is no real reason to abandon sifPlayer. I gain too much experience by developing it. The lack of time and experience is the problem. It will take too long, with many bad choices.

Hippoanimator is a very good tool for it’s price.