Howto make an eyelid for a simple cartoon

This is my first question in this board. You may forgive strange thinking.

My first animation using synfig is this bunny:


I did this mostly using the Composition blend method. What i now want to do is to add some eyelid that is able to shut and open. My idea was, that it would be the best, if the eyelid layer was behind the face layer but above the eye layer. so it could easily open and close. is this possible?

I add the .sifz file, that you can better imagine my problem.

bunny.sifz (8.17 KB)

P.S. I don’t know why after rendering by bunny is grey between his ears. Does anybody know?

For some reason you have created all the outlines (black color) with a thickness of 1 pixel and a feather of 30 pixels. It produces a soft transparent grey area over all the bunny that is getting crazy to the gif renderer. Remember that gif palette is reduced to 256 colors. Set the feather value of all the outline layers to be 0 and it would look fine.

Regarding to eyelids:

There are lots of solutions. Some people prefer open a hole in the face and place the eyeballs behind it and place the eyelids as part of the face. Other people just add the cartoon eyelids onto the eyes and that’s all.
My first advice is that you should sort the layers in the natural way they are sorted in a real character. For example I would place the teeth under the mouth layer. That would allow you to eventually close the mouth and hide the teeth. Same happen to eyelids.


Thank you for your advice. I will do so. :slight_smile: