Howto build/debug/code in synfig (debian+anjuta)

(this is kind of draft, thanks to correct/comment to make it useful)

Solution proposed for debian like os (autor os xubuntu 12.04 / 3.2.0-40-generic) + anjuta ide (3.4.0).

Requirement :
Have already compiled easy software (see here?)
Can compile synfig has explain here (see compile until ubuntu 9.04 + howto build with cairo + how to build debug)
Anjuta installed

So Howto?
In the ETL/ , synfig-core/ and synfig-studio/ directories you can found in each an .anjuta file.
They contain the Anjuta project file for the three component of synfig studio application (see wiki dev doc).

Greats, this load all necessary files!

during this process an conversion dialog can open ??? or it’s by other way?’

At this point, you can edit / review / browse the code …
But can’t build it (to verify), even make a file,
You still must run “” (how to build debug) and can be done it in the
terminal (plugin) included in Anjuta.

Now, the magical part, In order to debug / trace / add break point / inspect …
Menu/Build/Install the project (???)
will do some stuff (what link???) to permit you to debug.
A “End with success / Total Time seconds…” in message panel must appear.

Now run the app
Menu/Execute/Debug the app [Maj] [F12]
A warning message box can appear about debug configuration. This is Anjuta internal.
Even with Menu/Build/Select conf/Debug … you did’nt build with Anjuta,
but with “” and you should have all necessary information included in the binaries.
(I do not recommend you to check the “don’t display…” box, i think is’t a very utile information
for other project/mistake)
Hit ‘execute’ … and after a few seconds … tada… !

You can now brake/produce your own synfig special feature !

TODO / Explain how to debug synfig-core and ETL by starting synfig-studio
TODO / Explain how to step by step to git quick and good.

Nota : i don’t want to debate here of ‘why choose an ide to develop’ or ‘why choose ajuta as ide’, but can be done in other thread :wink: