How would I code a plugin for real time audio scrubbing?

This is a great program, and the only thing holding me back from making an animation with it is audio scrubbing. I can’t lip sync without it, and papagayo is one of the most annoying things I’ve had to work with in my animation experience :imp: . (I’ve worked across iStopmotion, Blender, Maya and Anime Studio.)

The devs have a lot on their plate, and a lot of people need this, so I decided to try and code a plugin for it myself. Except… I have zero experience in coding. Could someone maybe gimme a hand?

What exactly do you want? Waveform display? Cause audio playing itself is present already.

Anyway, whatever you’ll want to code, you’ll have to learn how to code, at least some basics. Git, some C++, gtkmm, how to compile stuff, etc. Really, even if displaying waveform isn’t very hard thing to do if you use existing techniques or better libraries, you’ll have to learn a lot anyway.

P.S. as for actual plugins, some examples of which seem to be present in official distribution, i have no idea how they work or even where they are placed or where the docs for them are…

Thanks for the reply! Waveform isn’t quite what I meant, what I have in mind is where you can… well… ‘scrub’!

I’m not that familiar with the term. So what you missing is ability to preview sound by clicking once (on timetrack), not twice (on timetrack and then on play button)?

No, not exactly, as you can see in this video, audio plays when he scrubs through the timeline, not just when he hits play.

Ah, i see. Thanks for explanation. Well, that might be relatively easy to implement.