how to unlink bone from drawing

I’m doing the tutorial on using bones to animate an arm. How can I unlink the bones from the drawing? I want to reposition the bone origin (green circle) relative to the hand drawing but when I move the green circle, the whole hand moves.

  1. Select only the bone 2. Press ctrl+x 3. Press ctrl+v

Select the skeleton layer from layer panel, then, from the parameter panel, in the bones list, select the corresponding Item (the handles will be highligthed whith a red square) , right click and select disconnet. Should do the job.

wiki updated :

Is there a way to unlink many bones at the same time?

I am following the synfig video tutorials, and following synfig-07-bones.mp4, I have all the limbs connected to the bones but unlike the following video, the character’s bones do not touch one another. There is space between them. Does this matter particularly? I guess that there are co-ordinate transformations around the end of each bone, so, using the character with bones that I made in the 07-bones.mp4, I want to unlink all the bones from the limbs and rejoin them. In the meantime, I’ll disconnect each limb manually, move the bone, and reconnect, but in the future, is there also a way to stretch the bone, and just the bone, without disconnecting it from the limb?

If there isn’t currently, then perhaps I could make a feature request? To highlight all of the limbs in the panel, right click and choose disconnect.

Many thanks btw… Animation is fun!