How to transition between an image and text?

Hi, new to Synfig (but know Gimp) and first post here.

I’d like to transition between an image of a letter and the text version of that letter. Is there a way?

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

What do you mean?
Something like a fade in/fade out or a kind of morphing?

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Thanks for the welcome! :clap:

Yes. I have a PNG image of a sloppily hand-painted word with isolated letters of varying colours. I’d like to morph that into the equivalent digital text of that word, created from a TTF file.

Yup, I managed what I wanted to do with Synfig, but having two identical images, one missing the real object I wanted to transition into a cartoon one. I have both images in their own layer and fade in, as you say, to the layer without the real object, whilst simultaneously fading in a layer with the cartoon object. It works really well. I’ve only met Synfig this week and it’s really impressed me. Great work on developing this @BobSynfig, @rodolforg and the Synfig team.

I initially used an apt repo to install Synfig on Ubuntu 21.10 but after some issues with rendering switched to an Appimage from Github which worked better (no bugs found).

Thanks again for the help and advice.