How to time link layers to each other

I am writing a visual story (actually a presentation) and found Synfig as the best tool for what I want to accomplish :smiley: (after evaluating Prezi extensively and also Powtoon and others). Powerpoint is just so last season and ineffective for great presentations.

However, I am worried that one aspect will hinder my progress or at least make my story inflexible if I want to add new parts to it.

Currently I have found the “time swap” feature for layers indispensable to enable making entities visible when I want them to ‘enter’ my storyline, but, is there a way to link these to previous events, rather than a specific time?

E.g. I have a sequence of images that appear one after the other, but currently, if I later want to add another one somewhere in the front or middle, I will have to edit the time of ALL the following layers to enter at a new time.

Can’t I somehow lock the enter time to the enter time of a previous layer? This way I can easily add an image and only need to edit the following layer to reference the new layer instead of the previous one.


Use Keyframes. With keyframes you can shift forward or backward (without overlapping) a section of the animation.
Alternatively group the layers to be shifted and modify the Offset parameter, then insert the other layers in the opened time.

Ok thanks, that makes sense. I’ll try that.


Ok but I have just realised on other thing:

My keyframes dictate the positions of my entities throughout the animations, while their ‘amount’ value (time swap) dictates when they will appear (and hopefully I will find out in another thread how to make them disappear again), so I assume that if I use your method and move a few keyframes, the ‘amount’ values will not be altered, meaning that the appearing of entities will then be out of sync with their animations.

Not so?

I don’t understand. Can you elaborate the problem more detailed?