How to split spline into two, while preserving key frames?

I have body outline and a few keyframes of animation, and I want to split it into several pieces (arms, legs, etc). no, Im not a serial killer :slight_smile:
The search indicates it is not possible.
Came out with a work-around:
duplicated the outline and the region, and trying to delete not needed vertexes. It doesnt work in composite mode (‘message=you are trying to edit animated parameter while animation mode is off. do you want to apply offset to this animation?’). I dont know what this offset means here?
When I’m in animate mode, I can only delete vertexes on a SINGLE key frame. Way too much work to do it on every key frame.

the question is: how to delete the selected vertexes on ALL frames in one step? and I need to retain all keyframes of my animation.

Any other comments?
thank you.
p.s. I’m a beginner with Synfig, but I like it a lot.

You just didn’t use Synfig for long enough :wink:

It is the correct way to do it. You just copy outlines/regions and then delete unnecessary vertexes.

It should, I checked it myself and it seems to work. You select multiple vertexes, then right-click->Remove Multiple Items (Smart), right?

Wait, are you actually asking how to clear animation of a single layer? If so, then there’s no easy way to accomplish it except going into Parameters panel and right-clicking ‘Disconnect’ on each animated value.

Let’s say you created the famous circle layer, placed it at horizontal center and animated it to fall down to screen/canvas bottom (classic :wink: )
If you move the Circle 10px to the right and:

  • you are in animation mode: Then the circle will move to that position at current Time point; or

  • you are not in animation mode: In this case, if you click ‘yes’ on that dialog, synfig will displace/shift/move the layer 10px to right at all waypoint/animated timepoints. If you say no, Synfig ignores your attempt to move circle and nothing happens

thank you Svarov, yes, my problem is preserving animation/movement of the vertexes of the smaller splines after splitting. I tried splitting an even simpler spline, and I was able to move some vertexes, but for others I would get message: set valuenode… you cannot use a spline point in an animated value node’.
Anyway, I’m afraid I dont know Synfig well enough to understand this procedure of disconnecting, and this might be too advanced procedure for now. I may revisit this in the future, but for now it is easier to start from scratch, and work with many small splines from the beginning. This is my test animation anyway.

rodolforg, thanks for the explanation.