How to Spline after a different animation?

I would like to attach my sprites to a spline and move them along a set path for my animation. However, in the first half, they are moving in a different path that I didn’t use a spline for, and linking them to a spline messes up the first half of the animation even when I am in animate editing mode. Clearly I’m missing something obvious here and can’t find it, but how do I maintain the first half of the animation while attaching them to a spline in the second half?

Linking stuff is a static operation.

You can:

  1. make a spline that describes the whole path you need to make the sprite follow; or
  2. split animation into two scenes and ‘glue them’ together when editing the movie (via Synfig or a movie editor like PiTivi/KdeNLive/OpenShot/etc)

Ah, shame. That’s fine, I’ll just copy the sprites/.lst files and make seperate ones for a new scene. Thanks for answering, though!