How to run synfig

I have been trying to run and find existing errors or warnings that are being shown in the compiling of synfig but i am unable to find that. I’ve downloaded 6 different IDEs to run this which will give me all the compile time warnings and messages and also a list of errors but none of them works properly. I have also built it using CMake but it didn’t gave me any errors or warnings that are supposed to come i.e wreorder warnings.

Kindly tell me how to compile a huge codebase like this and then search for errors. Help will be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

You will find all the needed informations here:

Basically, you need to launch a script installing all the required dependencies and activating DEBUG info, prior use in the IDE :wink:

@BobSynfig Thanks for help… I will give it a read once again… More carefully this time…

But if it doesn’t works… I hope u don’t mind to help me

Thanks for helping again :smiley: