How to reuse animations

I’d like to create an animation of a person walking or something. Then cut and paste that person, and make him start walking later (and maybe in the opposite direction or something).

I have figured out how to export a group’s canvas (called box1) and am able to make animation key frame changes isolated from the rest of the animation. When I make a copy of that group, the 2nd group is tied to the original canvas. So any changes to the animation in one happens in the other. So I figured, I would export the 2nd group to another canvas (called box2). The canvas property on the bottom right seems to indicate that it’s using box2, but it’s still tied to box1. Any changes to key frames in box1 effect both still. And when I double click on box2 in the top right pane shows no key frames at all.

What am I missing? Am I doing this whole thing way wrong?

Try saving the file and opening it again.
Change the Canvas property (in Parameter Panels) of [box2] to box1 and then again back to box2.

This worked for me

Thanks that did help.

One thing that is unfortunate is that my key frames go away in box2. The diamonds are still there, but I have to add key frames again to move them around. Do you see that too?

Maybe that is stupid anyway. Eventually, I’d like to spend time making one human figure walk well. Then be able to cut and paste copies of that human walking left or right starting at different times and whatnot. Not have every person be in lock step. I tried to use the time delay property on the group, but that doesn’t seem to work for me either. Is there a better way to do that sort of thing?