How to reuse anim properly

Hello everybody !

I know this question has been put before, but former posts let me confused.

I have made a very short animation for the intro of each video I’ll edit further, it displays theme and title of the video (scr attached).

As I can’t achieve what I want with text in synfig, I have imported texts parts as .sif files from Inkscape, and animated these parts in a template file A.

I want now to change texts in Inkscape, then import new texts without having to redo the anim each time.

I know it’s possible, I’ve read everything about ValueNodes, canvases, etc., in the wiki and here, but so far I can’t quite understand how to do.

Thanks for your help !


I’m sorry, I’m awfully stupid and tried to reinvent the wheel because I had not dug in text options enough :see_no_evil:

Now I have what I wanted!