How to resize animation?

Hello. I’m vectorized some animation from video. Now I need to resize animation. How to do that?

 Create a [b]scale transformation layer[/b] and apply it to all layers and change the size. That is the easy way of change size to full animation and objects.

What do you want to resize? The result of the rendered animation (ie. 480x270 and 16:9 ratio by default).

If that’s the case then you need to go to Canvas properties window (which can be accessed via Caret menu > Edit > Properties or also via Right Click menu > Edit > Properties or pressing F8 key):

First you’ll want to go to Other tab and uncheck all of the “Locks and Links”:

Then go back to Image tab and edit the Width and Height of your image:

Here I edited the Width and Height to twice the size. This will increase the resolution of the output animation, this effectively resizes the Canvas together with everything inside. At this point it is best to increase both dimensions by the same factor (2x in the case above). If you don’t keep the same ratio between both dimensions (ie. 16:9) then your animation will become squashed/stretched in one direction.

If you need to change the aspect ratio, then you should go back to the Other tab and check the “Pixel Aspect” in “Locks and Links”:

Then go back to the Image tab and change Width and Height of your image to get the desired aspect ratio and size:

Here I edited the Height to have 4:3 aspect ratio. This expands the size of the output animation, but leaving everything inside at the same size.

I want resize only object, which was animated.
Change the size and position on the scene.
I don’t wanna change animation.