How to move the camera in Synfig?

How to save video quality after camera zoom? When I zoom the camera in a video editor, I am loosing image quality. So the question is how to zoom camera right in Synfig?

The main problem I have is loosing quality. Even if I draw in vector, I can’t open SWF file in Synfig, so the quality will be worse after camera zoom. And it kinda annoys.

For what you want to do, the two simplest ways to achieve are:

  1. Just increase the output resolution to the point where you can zoom in and still match the resolution of your final video
  2. (probably better) Put your entire scene in a group-layer and scale and move that to simulate the camera movement

But keep in mind that when not working with vectors nothing can really be done to stop a raster-image from getting blurry. So importing an image into Synfig won’t help you in that regard

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See also this “old but still good” post :wink:

Does Synfig even support working with vector?
Personally I draw in Adobe Illustrator and it is possible to export images from this program as SVG format file.
SVG allows working with vector graphics and with layers.

Yesterday I tried to import SVG to Synfig, but the layers were invisible so I think Synfig doesn’t work with SVG yet.
But I’d really like to see Synfig as a vector program as well, not only raster.

P.S. Thank you for supporting users!

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Synfig is primarily vector-based animation.
Please use search function of the forums, such remarks (and their solutions) have been talked about gazillions of times

It does. I’ve been using inkscape to create svg file and importing it to the synfig. But the origin of the imported file is way too far from the actual drawing which caused the drawing not to appear at the centre of the canvas rather it appeared way above the canvas, so I had to zoom out a little and bring the origin of my drawing to the it’s centre and then zoom back in to the original size.