How to make two different layers the same at different keyframes


I’m brand new to this software, but I’ve gone through the tutorials. I’m in the process of trying my hand at rotoscoped line animation. I already have a number of keyframes that I’ve traced in Gimp, and done a centerline trace in Inkscape.

I would like to know if its at all possible to take two different layers, for instance two outline layers, and re-classify them as the same layer but at two different keyframes. Does that make any sense? Like, if I was to take two different paths from Inkscape which are supposed to be the same shape at different points in time, imported them into Synfig as outline layers, and then somehow tell the program that one assumes the shape of the other in the next frame. I would very much like to know if Synfig is capable of that.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Synfig is able to do tweening (transition) between two keyframes (vectorial or bitmap)

Your “steps” in moving shapes should have the same number of vertices in the outline in order to “morph” them.
But you can’t do a direct morphing like this marvelous opening of a french tv show Thalassa (Sea in greek)

Anyway, you can still import a “step” in a layer as a reference at the expected time.
You will simply animate your outline’s layer to adjust it above the reference and then remove the refernce layer.

Assuming you want tweening/morphing/interpolation, this isn’t possible. If you don’t need it, you can use switch layer.