How to make the edges smoother?

it’s for a telegram sticker pack, so about to test it out as such once I learn how, maybe it won’t do that under the proper format?

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You are exporting a GIF image and its size is 100 x 100px, am I right?

  1. The best GIF exporter in Synfig Studio is Magick++ IIRC. Select it instead of “gif” target.
  2. Telegram says one dimension must be 512px.
  3. It seems it doesn’t accept GIF, but Lottie. There are some Synfig plugins for that.

What do you mean by “smoother”, more precisely? (I can think of several ways you might have meant it.)

I suppose she meant antialiasing.

She should:

  • increase the resolution, and/or
  • change the target to Magick++ or imagemagick (but I think imagemagick isn’t shipped on Windows app), and/or
  • export to Lottie via Synfig plugins
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Good thought.

Bizarre that it doesn’t accept gif. At high enough resolution and few enough colours it’s still a reasonable choice.