How to make successive Polygon transitions from A > B, to A > B > C?


I’ve managed to make my first animation from A to B using the Polygon tool, but I’d like to add on the same animation from B to C, so that the animation is smoothly from A > B > C.

Try as I might when I am at the Keyframe containing B, I’m unable to further adapt it as I did from A to B. I select that Keyframe, hit the green man button to get the red rectangle edit more, but the vertices of B are not clickable at all like they were when I had just A.

Any ideas?

Is this standard and it’s in the documentation? If so please post a helpful URL.

Thanks for reading!

I think you are talking about activating/deactivating vertex/spline points, right?
You can only manipulate vertices (in WorkArea) when they are marked as Active Points. They have a green vertical line on waypoint on the timetrack. If are explicitly deactivated, they have a red vertical line instead.

In the middle of a green-red line mark, the vertex position is controlled by Synfig according to the vertex Origin as shown by Svarov.

Anyway, you can always use the Parameter Panel.

What you may do:

  1. Go back to the time the vertex is still On.
  2. Select it
  3. Check the Parameters Panel. The parameter related to the selected vertex is highlighted there.
  4. Go now to a future time where this vertex must be shown again.
  5. Although the vertex does not appear in the Work Area, the related item in the Parameters Panel is still there - and still highlighted. Right-click on it and select the option “Mark ActivePoint as On”. Attention: the item to be the right-clicked is that named like, for example, “Vertex 002”, and not only “Vertex”.
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Thanks @rodolforg I’m trying your suggestions out.

I hadn’t understood how to make further transitions which is simple when adding keyframes and editing the shape as desired,

Is this what you want?

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Thanks for the gif @rodolforg ! What do you use to create that?

I think I get what you mean now, though the gif is a little grainy and fast for me to read the text. Is it that “Mark ActivePoint as Off” allows you to selectively make invisible a vertex in any chosen keyframe? Hence how you made part of the ball pulsate?

If I understand correctly, it extends the ability in any given keyframe to hide shapes with Opacity set to 0, to hide vertices in a shape with “Mark ActivePoint as Off” .

This isn’t what I was looking for this time, but it’l be very useful for other projects.

I was looking tor an incredibly basic operation that somehow eluded me as I’m completely new to Synfig.

[edit - removed URL]

If you were not talking about “Mark ActivePoint On/Off”, that make a vertex disappear, I can’t see the problem you have (not being able to click on vertices).

Could you make a screencast?

It’s ok thanks, I have no problem with it now. I realised how to add transitions.

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