How to make modules?

Hi everyone.
I wanna help with making mods for the Synfig.
but I wanna learn more about the module system.

Please help!

Hi habri!

Where have you get stuck on? Modules are different depending on if they expand the layers, the importers or the exporters.
Have you seen this?

In addition to that I would say that adding a module implies to create the proper files to make and link it and it implies to modify the from the parent folder and possibly the too, depending on the libraries used.

Can you be more specific?

i wanna help in the hole project(even the web developement) but i need some help to start

can you guide me?

For coding Synfig the best is to start picking up a bug or a feature request and start sending patches. You have plenty of them at the issue tracker.

Ideally you should first reproduce the bug or take notice of the feature missing using Synfig Studio itself. Then start coding.

The best step to do first is to create your own binaries by downloading the source code and building it. Notice that there have been modifications in the build instructions since recent commits, so come here for help in that case.

Good luck!


[size=100]Welcome[/size]²d to synfig experience !!!

you can already count on that all (little) what i know about synfig is what you know!