how to make ellipse?

hi, i’m really a newbie, this may be really embarrassing, how do i make like this picture?

btw, i already know how to draw a circle :laughing: , but scaling one axis like in ms paint doesn’t work as i expect

Can you tell me why do you need a exactly ellipse in your artwork? Why an oval (x scaled circle) is not good?


err, i mean … how do i make an oval (x scaled circle) ? :blush:
i already have a circle like this, then what should I do?

to make it, do following:
1, create a Circle layer
2, create a Stretch layer on top of the Circle
3, touch the amount parameter of the Stretch layer until you like the ellipse shape

4, additional, synfig-ish step : you can link the center ducks for these two layer

attached for your reference
ellipse.sifz (1.11 KB)

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thanks, i think i’m beginning to understand how to work using synfig :smiley: