How to make canvas fit imported image size?

New to this software (SynfigStudio-1.4.2-2021.07.29-linux64-dc54d) and still learning basics (with the help of tutorials). Now wanted to put in test my basic knowledge by making some small animation on a custom background picture, which happen to be vertical in it’s dimensions.

I figured out how to automatically fit image to canvas size (to the standard rectangle size), but I seem to be unable to find a way to make canvas fit the image size? Is it actually possible (in a simple way)?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! I wouldn’t exactly call this automatic, but my short answer is that the Image Area values in the Canvas > Properies… window are always 1/60 of pixel units.
You can check the base size of an image by inspecting the image layer contained inside the switch layer.
Open the Canvas Properties window (Canvas > Properties…) and adjust the Width and Height to match the image values just to set the proper aspect ratio. Adjust the Top Left and Bottom Right values to be equal the image values divided by 60.

The result should adjust the canvas to match the image.

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Thanks for the tip! That did the trick! :slight_smile: