How to make 1 minute 2D animation with Synfig Studio?

Hi . I’d like to make a 1 minute 2D Animation in Synfig Studio but the information about how to do that with Synfig is so little that I don’t know where to begin from. Does anyone have any tutorials or something that might help?

  1. Start Synfig Studio
  2. Follow this tutorial and replace the “End Time” of 2s by 60s.
  3. You’re done.

This is a very simple animation. I want to import an image to Synfig and make it move with the help of bones and I struggle to find any resources on how to do that.

Please, can you be sure you have take a look to the step by step synfig tutorial ? you also have useful synfig trainning video … on the wiki, you will also found a lot of tutorial and ressource.

then here (into the forum), we can take care and respond to more specific usage case of synfig. Also you can make a search into this forum has a lot useful things are hidden here.