How to invert a translate layer?

How would I go about to invert an animated translate layer?..
I’m tracking footage with a translate layer to stabilize it… my aim is to after having added additional layers on top of the hierarchy disable the translate layer and apply the inverted translate layer on the new additional layers.

I’ll post a follow-up question here to avoid flooding the forum:

Is it possible to grab hold of and move a layer when the duct is outside the viewing area?.. a lot of times I need to move a layer in detail when zoomed in and I find myself with no apparent way to go about it… to manually type the values is a cumbersome and tiring hit-and-miss process.

Yes it’s possible. You will just need to zoom out on the canvas while clicking on the layer either in the layer panel, or on the canvas.

For your first question, I’m not sure :confused: .

Well, I need to be able to move the layer while zoomed in, otherwise I’ll lose the precision which was the reason I’m zoomed in to begin with… or maybe I misunderstood your answer?

To invert a translate layer with animated origin you have to create other translate layer and Convert the origin to Scale convert type. Then the Scale convert type gives you two sub-parameters:

  • Link
  • Scale

Set the scale to be -1.0 and the Link to be connected to the origin of the translate layer to invert. To do that the best way is to Export the origin of the translate layer to invert, go to Children Panel and select the exported Value Node. Then right click on the Link of the scaled origin of the other translate layer and select Connect.


Thanks Genete!.. I’ve figured it out now… these filtering capabilites truly are astounding, Synfig is turning out to be quite the infatuating experience! =)

on another note, do you happen to have any suggestions on how to solve my second problem?

The minimum translation to apply to a duck is related to current zoom. The device side minimum length is a pixel, that gives different user side sizes depending on the current zoom. So you can zoom out, select the duck and nudge it using the arrow keys or SHIFT the arrow keys for a 10 times nudge movement.
Same happen with mouse drag. Limit is the pixel size at the given zoom.
Nudge keys are explained here:

Ok, but there is no way to nudge/move the layer in view when the it’s duct is outside the canvas view, wich is what happens when I zoom in to get sufficient movement precision?
(except the tedious hit-and-miss procedure of manually entering values until the layer hopefully ends up in the desired position)

I really hope this is just a misunderstanding on my part. =/

Not grab it, but you can zoom out using the navigator panel or shortcut keys, select the object, then zoom back in and nudge it using arrow keys.

Thanks!.. That’s at least a better solution than how I’m currently doing it. =)