How to have an object go behind another without moving in down in the menu? Changing Z depth doesn't give me what I want

So I made a running animation and I’d say it’s pretty good, except that the base of the leg goes over the hand (which is apparent at frame 26 to 28)

I wanna fix that, but the way I made things I can’t just drag the leg between the arm and the body without messing things up. Changing the leg’s Z depth seem to only make it go completely under the rest of the body, when I’d rather if it stayed over the torso.running human template.sifz (149.0 KB)

You can duplicate the ‘Upper body’-group, remove everything except the arm and put that new group over the leg-group. You can then disable/delete the original arm-group from the body-group.
running human template - quick fix.sifz (80,0 KB)
While this fixes the animation, you will probably have to repeat this step every time you change the animation of the body part.
To avoid this kind of problem, you can animate the character rig using the skeleton layer. This way you are no longer restricted by the order of your layers.

Thanks! :smiley:

I tried using the skeleton at first (tried both skeleton deformation and layer) but neither seemed to work well, despite doing exactly what the tutorial was saying… I might try again while rigging another character but I’m fine with the way this character is rigged

Cool animation by the way!