How to get started with contributions

Hey Team,
I am new to open-source contributions and am interested in contributing for GSoC 2023 or any other task to get started. I have intermediate level of knowledge of python and C++ however, I am totally new to gtk and gtkmm
So can you great people guide me on where to start with



The best way to get started is to build Synfig from source.

You can check developer documentation here:

Also note some points:

  1. Sometimes documentation is outdated. If you experience some issues please document them, and update documentation.
  2. Synfig support Autotools and CMake build systems. For development purposes CMake is preferable. If you are familiar with Autotools, then use it.
  3. After you build Synfig from source, start with GitHub issues and try to fix some of them.
    Issues · synfig/synfig · GitHub