How to get more coders!

There is a site that hosts advertisement for open source projects that desperately need coders(like this project)
All you have to do is make an add and if it is voted you get your add put up were coder minded people can see … 2010/60473

EDIT:Because this needs attention that it didn’t get

Oh! I missed this post!
We need urtgently an attractive image for the advertisement! Anyone want to contribute?!

Proposal for text on the image:

And the Synfig logo in the background. Any other idea?

Any comment, idea?

LOL ninja’d.

I like that ad! =D

A variation:

Finally I stick with this:

[![Contribute to Synfig!][1]][2]

[1]: … ig-ads.png

Darn! I just registered! :imp:

Very nice looking ad there Genete! I was thinking of doing one tonight but you’re just too fast for the rest of us!

How do you earn reputation on that site for posting? Do anyone else here have the reputation needed? Very bad policy I think if they want new projects there…

Thanks! :slight_smile:
To have reputation you have to ask, reply in first stage and then the others with vote rights could vote your answer or question. Each vote gives you reputation. Just ask or reply doesn’t. :frowning:

Could we perhaps ask someone on that site with enough reputation that seems like a nice fellow to post the ad for us?

Ok, not stackoverflow but I put the ad on my site, Left side. Hopefully some coder with itchy fingers will see it there… :slight_smile:

Also, one little detail that struck me just now. It says “Synfig, 2D Vector Animation…” For someone not familiar with Synfig it’s not clear that it’s a software. It could just as easily be an 2d Vector Animation film that needs developers.

Hi rylleman!
thank you so much for put that advertisement in your website!

Maybe you meant, “2d Vector Animation film software that needs developers”?


I meant that it’s not obvious if Synfig is a software, a film or something else judging from the ad. Perhaps it should say 2d Vector Animation Software or 2d Vector Animation Tool?

Agreed that for the original purpose, stackoverflow, it was alright, every ad there is for software. But if used outside that context it’s not as clear anymore.

Perhaps not a big deal, just something that struck my mind.

Yes, out of context it needs the word software/application/tool or what ever it reads better.
I’ll change it and try to put on the website.
Do you think that put it on my Anime Studio Forum signature would be a bit rude?

It might be considered spam…
And also a bit over the line I think. Nothing wrong with posting it on and such sites though.