How to fix angle shift in bitmap with bone

Hello this is my first post, I try to find similar problem in forum but with no succed. So my bitmap move in diffrent angle than bone when Im rotate angle in linked bone. Any tricks to fix it? Thanx

It seems like the center point of your bitmap and the point you want to rotate around don’t line up.
If you want to move the group transform without moving the bitmap, just hold control while moving it around.
If that doesn’t fix it i would need to have a look at how you connected your bitmap to the bone

Im move the center with control but rotate angle is still wrong…
Can I send you file? I have no access to upload file here.

Yes you can send me the file, though you have to do it through something like a google drive link.
Uploading files here is not immediately available for newer users but you will unlock it eventually

Im upload it to we transfer heres link

All right, I think found your problem:
You put all your Images inside a big group layer (“wilkolak”) and scaled it down.
Now skeleton and your bitmaps aren’t in the same coordinate system anymore,
which is why the rotation doesn’t work as intended anymore.

To make it work correctly you need to put the skeleton inside this group layer and adjust it.
(Or make an entirely new one inside the scaled layer)

wow ! thank you it seems to work now :slight_smile: