HOW TO fix a not well formed document

-G … d_document

Just wondering a few things:

Renaming the file and unzipping it is easy enough.

Libreoffice can edit XML files, or at least XML is one of the options given when “file->open” is selected.

However, I don’t know if the errors are stored somewhere in a text file or whatever, in my case I can’t seem to find any such, and in my case there were probaly over 50 errors (they filled up the page, and it looked like there were more).

Without some type of manual, I would have not real idea how to fix the errors. I don’t think something vague like “look for values that are really high or really low” helps anyone very much.

Brian Christiansen.

A better choice is to open the xml file in some text editor with Syntax highlighting capacities (see also Comparison of text editors)

The error message should (from the message box or from the console) indicate a line number / value name (value node), or something similar … is’nt it ? Collaboratively, why can write this tutorial … :wink: (for example i have filled upper info to How Do I / fix a not well formed document)