How to fit a list range to another?

I want to fit a list range of -1-1 to to do this.i try range converter but it works like a clamp.would you guys have some method to do this.

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t know how this works in Blender, but by looking at the options in the images if this works as I guess.

Then from your example, this will work as following
lets assume the following values where
value = 0.5
from min = 0
from max = 1
to min = 50
to max = 100

so as the value is 0.5 the output will be 75.

If my explanation is correct on the function works in Blender or Animation Nodes (should I say)

So what you want is
value = 0.5 (any value)
from min = -1
from max = 1
to min = 2
to max = 3

So the result will be 2.75 if I am not wrong. Let me know if my guess of the function in Blender is correct ?

This is possible in Synfig you just would have to use combination of range and some addition, subtraction and multiplication also create some exported values (too complicated by still possible, converter have limitless abilities)

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Here are the maths:
to_min + (to_max-to_min) x (value - from_min) / (from_max - from_min)

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Ok.this is exactly what i looking for.i will try it.thanks so much.

This is clearly.I will take a try.thanks very much.