how to fill my outlines?

I made a simple eye out of the spline tool, (without the fill on). and now when i try making a region with the selected objects, it goes overboard and makes a region for the all of them

original image:

after the region:(big thick red and black lines were added to the picture to show which was selected when i tried making the region and its result)

Hello n123q45 (nizeqas?), and welcome here …

did you found that wonderful function under a selected layer right click ? “make region”

“actually”, we can’t just select some outline handle, and fill them… you must have a single outline per region you what to fill

More info : Synfig wiki Outline Layer

ok how do i mirror this? or do i have to remake it again?

each object in synfig is a layer. if you would like to fill an outline, you have to select it (layer) from Layer Panel, then choose the Make Region menu by right clicking on the outline layer.

Regarding to your drawing, why not just toggle on “create region” while you drawing your lines (outlines)? in this way, you will get the outline filled (region layer) at the same time.

please refer to attachment.

Please noticed, the fill tool in toolbox is not able to fill an outline layer, it is a tool to change color of a region layer.
Synfig Animation 1.sifz (2.15 KB)

And also … i forgot … from the wiki How do i Fill an outline?

yes, the wiki is much more clear :slight_smile:

as a side effect, i am a little bit worry about the UI/UX of Synfig Sutdio, why a user has to take this kind of complex steps to do such a simple thing. “Draw lines (outline) to form a shape, fill it” should be intuition, instead of asking user to take a lot of effort to figure it out. It may worthy to implement a Real Fill tool and place it into toolbox.

Maybe possible if the user clicks specifically on the outline to fill (not just inside of it).

EDIT: Well, seems it might be possible to have a fill tool which works by clicking inside an outline layer. But it still not a real flood fill tool, it still would rely on creating the new region layer using the same spline as the outline layer. So it would not possible to, for example, create a circle outline, split it in half with another outline and fill each side with a different color.