How to export svg?

Hi, is there a way to export as .svg? I can’t find anything in the documentation but it seems that a vector animation tool would be able to export to a vector animation format, as it’s small and infinitely scaleable for the Web.

But it seems the only render options are movie or gif :frowning:

No Synfig doesn’t save as svg animated. And almost none animation software does it. Even AE needs a plug-in to do it. On the open source side, you can save svg animated in blender and with Anigen web editor. Those are the only programs, without coding, that I know can do that.

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I do not understand as it can not export a format of vectors.
At least… a dump format

I think because Synfig original intent, 13 years ago, it was focusing in 2d animation suitable for TV/film, and be an illustration tool and export to those programs wasn’t even the idea. That is the reason why synfig export has a lot of old and forgoten movie files formats and just images sequences, mainly.
Why Synfig doesn’t have the hability to export svg and svg animated today?, well … the software is ours and is open source, then, it’s just that we don’t have someone can do code in synfig to do that. It’s all what it is.

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The same think.
You could do a donation for this issue

I for now am updating a player web…