how to export as animated gif or video?

i’ve used File > Render, but despite trying out all the options, it can only export animations as separate pictures for every frame

any way to export directly to an animated gif or video? i’m able to put the pictures into a video editor to turn that into video/gif, but that’s obviously not very convenient

probably you didn’t change .png in filename to .gif

convert *png -delay 20 animation.gif

Set .avi as extension, target as ffmpeg and select the parameters with the button on the right.
Depending your needs, the official recommendation is to export as a H.264 Lossless animation to be able to use a Non-Linear Video Editor after.
Don’t forget that GIF is a lot limited in terms of color palette.
If you need a lossless single image animation, you could render all the frames as PNG files and assemble them as APNG (see for a lot better result :wink:

well, tried it again and it worked just fine

last time i set it to gif it exported each frame as a separate .gif image for some reason and at that point i just gave up

and this worked too, thanks!

I had the same question and tried this solution for my gif on a video player it gave me this result “This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt.”