How to draw and animate a sine wave ?

What would be the “best” way in Synfig Studio to draw a sine wave (as an advanced outline) and animate it (Change in amplitude & phase. Maybe in frequency).

I feel maybe there are some hopes by converting vertice or tangents to timeloops parameters to draw once period – and then use a “duplicate layer” to produce the other periods – but I wasn’t able to find how to combine those features to achieve my goal.

Any hints or suggestions ?

Not sure what you want to use timeloop for, but if you aren’t aiming for procedural “true” sine and are fine with just repeating a sample, then it’s fairly easy with duplicate layer.

Basically, you need to connect vertices to length and amplitude parameters (cause using scaling will break line width), and origin->x to length*duplicate. Phase change is nothing more than translate by x (scaled to length, of course) if you assume infinite length. If you want more resource effective way and really need a lot of pushing phase in one direction, then you’ll need to think up some more tricks.
test-22-sine.sifz (1.77 KB)