How to draw a balloon in synfig studio

How to draw a ballon in synfig studio?

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What kind of balloon you want to draw?
If you have any examples then please share them here, so that we can have a clear idea of what exactly you want to achieve.

Any kind,

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I did this :

There is a question (if you have time): How to link the tip of the balloon to the tip of the string ?

I followed this tutorial but it didn’t give the expected result.

  1. Select both layers
    With Transform Tool, click on a layer (eg. balloon), then keep ctrl key pressed and click on other layer (eg. the string) and releases the ctrl
  2. Select the vertex point of the string tip
    click on the orange handle of the tip of the string spline
  3. Keep ctrl key pressed and click on the balloon vertex you want to link the string to.
  4. With both vertices selected (the handle colors are now bright orange, instead of dark), right click on any of those two and choose Link

If there are a lot of vertices in the drawing that make step 2 difficult to do (vertex / spline overlapping), you can mix those first steps:

  1. Select one layer and select the vertex to link
  2. Select the second desired layer while keeping the ctrl pressed. Release the key.
  3. Now its handles appear. Keep ctrl pressed again, and select the desired vertex.

Zoom is your friend too.