How to cut out/trim some part of an animation ?

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to cut out or trim some part of an animations ?

More clearly, I have a 10s animation, and the part between 00:00:05.00 and 00:00:06.00 is useless, so I want to “remove” it, that is

  • discard any waypoint or keyframe between my two cut points,
  • shift waypoint and keyframe after the out cut point 1s ahead
  • and shorten the time track by 1s

For now, the only way I found was to perform each step manually (alt-click on waypoints, delete keyframe, adjust last keyframe duration before the in cut point, and finally F8 to set the new animation duration). But this is tedious and error prone (well, tedious especially). Is there a better way of doing that ?

Are you going to re-render your animation in another program (Lightworks, MovieMaker, etc) to add sound? If so, those programs can very easily trim the footage. Even if you don’t need sound, it doesn’t take very long too plug your PNGs (if that’s what you’re exporting from Synfig, I’m new and idk how else to render) into MovieMaker just to get the cuts.

Or even barring that, if you render as a PNG it’s super easy to just physically delete 1 second of PNGs. For instance, if you render in 30 FPS, and you want to delete the 5th second, you can go into your files and delete PNGs 120-150 (don’t quote me on that though, because I’m not sure if there will be a naming problem–I’ve never done that before because I just cut in a different program).

If you trim in another program, I would recommend putting something visual in place. For instance, I would make a big black box cover the screen during the parts I want to cut, possibly with text saying “cut this” so I don’t forget to do it.