How to create an even or random opacity jitter between several frames?

There’s a style of handwritten titles with hand drawn lines wiggling around the title like pointers or waves or scribbles. Call them what you will, I thought it would be super-intuitive to imitate.

If I had one title word, “SYNFIG” for example, how could I show a chaotic set of four or five ‘border’ scribbles? That I want this Alpha transparent is making gif’s from GIMP impossible. All I have for an example is the GIMP work…

To achieve random opacity per frame, simply go to the parameters tab, right click on opacity, select convert -> Random and then adjust the parameters until you get the desired effect.
Not sure if that is what you want. If you have several images that you want to switch between, you can put them in a ‘switch group’ to display only one at a time.

I’ll try that first suggestion as soon as I can, but about Switch groups…

I’ve been confused about how to apply the switch. Is it just typing in the layer name you desire to show? Can that also be shuffled randomly in any way - it seems the perfect solution.

In version 1.3.13, you may use the layer depth instead of its name, so you can use a value node for randomness