How to create a AI chatbot plugin

I am not so good in understanding how synfig works, and how to actually make working plugins for synfig.
I am just interested in finding a documentation that clearly states how to work on plugins.
Something like this:-

Like how shotcut states that what should be the extention, where to paste the files, etc. I am interested in knowing the same information for synfig.

Also, do you have any suggestions for an ai chatbot that has free api keys. That’s the hardest part of trying to make chatbot plugin, I can’t get a free api key.

Plugin system in Synfig is quite “simple” and not really plugins but external scripts.
When you activate the plugin, the current file is saved, then the “plugin” is modifying the Sif/Sifz file (as XML, with Python normally), then it reopens the file in Synfig.
You must know how is structured a Sif/Sifz file in order to manipulate it of course.

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Oki, thanks. I would try to do something, no guarantee if I can finish it or not :sweat_smile:

Good luck!

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Have you explored Local LLM models ?

The answers they give is extremely wrong, plus since they are local, they are heavier in size.
I did try some from huggingface.