How to change the language?[version 0.63]

On Ubuntu 10.04. My system language is Chinese-Simplified
The old version of Synfig was in English. After I upgrade to 0.63, it becomes Chinese and I get confused with the menus.
How can I set it back to English? Thanks.

Edit the launcher from the menu and add this before the command line:


It should run it in English.

It fails when I add “LANG=C” before the command line in the launcher
but it works when I type “LANG=C synfigstudio” in terminal

Yeah, I never understood how should it be written the pre-commands in the launcher…

you can put these two commands into a sh script

export LANG="C"

and then “chomd +x” to make it executable, and drap the scritp to one of your gnome’s bars.

I only registered to ask you PLEASE make English default language! It’s VERY confusing for user to learn the program when you have only english manual and tutorials and some other interface language. It’s REALLY difficult to deal with differences of menu and UI. Make it optional to switch the language FROM english rather then TO. Thank you/

Isn’t English your operating system language? If your operating system language is English and you obtain one other language when running Synfig Studio you have something wrongly setup on your system.
On the other hand if your local language is other than English and you run Synfig Studio it should use your local language if available or the untranslated English strings.

Can you be more specific regarding the language you find when running Synfig Studio by a visual example?


English is not my OS language. So by default when I setup Synfig I have russian UI which is horrible and incomplete. I tried solutions in this topic but Synfig crashes. So for now I found myself stuck with this terrible UI version.
As far as I understand Synfig detects system language and uses UI on that specific language. Right? But for example in Blender UI is always english by default unless you change it LATER. Most of the users keep default UI by the way. This is very comfortable and you don’t have to think reading manual: “OK. Distortions… how did they translate distortions in russian UI? What? Really? OK back to my manual. Oh wait… What about this parameter? How was it translated?..” It’s endless. And let’s admit it… there are not enough tutorials and manuals in english and in other languages it’s even lesser number. So we all use english tutorials anyway for studying this wonderful program of yours. It would be MUCH easier to just keep english UI for everybody. And if someone wants to see another interface language they can change it in configuration file and see Synfig crashing Sorry))) Just kidding)))

Really? it looks a very beautiful translation to me. Those Cyrillic glyphs have a really interesting appearance to me.

Maybe if you tell us which is your native language what’s your operating system and what is the locale you selected when installed it in your computer we can understand you better and give you better support.

The greatness of the open source is that if you don’t like something you can always change to your needs. If the current Russian translation is horrible and incomplete, why don’t you collaborate on improve it?

Again, if there is one missing string not translated on one particular language, the English version is used, so the incompleteness of the Russian translation could even be a benefit for you!.

All the guidelines you may find about how to improve user experience when using one application, tells you that, when possible, it is better to use the user native language. Not all the people understand English!

In this way, there are many people collaborating on do translations of the original English documentation of the wiki, as well as submit improved (and horrible) translations to Transifex.

Please sum, don’t subtract. Suggest, don’t complain.

Try to replace LANG by LC_ALL in the above posted solutions and see what happen.


Hello darumka,
with ubuntu 4.10, the solution of feihei (type “LANG = C synfigstudio” in terminal) works well. :slight_smile:

Genete, I too think it would be nice to be able to easily change the software language to English, to easily follow the tutorials in English. :wink:

Same here, And I considered before to add a UI language switcher in some where, preferences for example, I am going to implement a new setup dialog in the coming release, maybe I can code this “Switcher” as well, but don’t expect too much since I am a totally newbie in coding.

This is how others do:
Gimp: … g-language
Inkscape: … e-language
Blender: … e_.26_Font


Thanks a lot!))) I really appreciate this, people.

Genete, don’t get irritated. You misunderstood me completely. I did suggest to make english UI default one, didn’t i?)) But you’re absolutely right. I shall collaborate))) Thank you again for your time and great ideas)


I am sorry, I am using Windows XP in Chinese. And can’t read Chinese to save my life.

After having a co-worker look for a language change preference, I then used Google to figure out how to do it. This was the only post I found.

can someone please tell me how to change the language setting in WINDOWS.

Thank you.

Update: I located the
C:\Documents and Settings[username here]\Synfig\settings file

but I couldn’t find anything that might help…
But I did find some Chinese in the settings

pref.custom_filename_prefix=Synfig 动画
pref.predefined_fps=自定 FPS (custom)
pref.predefined_size=自定大小 (Custom size)

do you mean you prefer English to Chinese of Synfig Studio on Chinese Windows XP?

This might be a very late reply, but for version 1.2.0 you can change the language by going to Edit > Preferences :slight_smile:

Yes simply entering “LANG=C” was returning error but “LANG = C synfigstudio” works just fine for me. Thank you so much :slight_smile: