How to change font of text in Synfig?

When I create the text, then change the font family, no change occurs. It stays the default and same. What to do, I want to use custom fonts?

Try specifying the needed font directly in “Font Family” field, e.g. “C:\Windows\Fonts\cour.ttf”.

Thanks @svarov But there is a question, does Synfig only supports .ttf font extension?

Yes, only ttf is supported. At least from what I know.

:pensive::expressionless:Synfig has not so much features for text. Not much useful when it comes to motion graphics. Developers should bring more support for text elements. I have to export text as png.
Otherwise thanks

TTF, OTF and (on OSX) old DFONT. Actually, any font FreeType supports.

Could you tell what other formats do you need?

Please list some needed features (here and/or report them at Github)

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Copy the font file you want to use from C:\Windows\Font and paste it in a new folder. Specify the address of the font in the font family