how to add waypoint

beginner animator needing help, please:

I add waypoints at times A and C.

Now I move time to B (A < B < C!) and the object moves to an intermediate position. so far so good.

Now I want to add a waypoint at B, but without disturbing the value. Is there a neat way to do this?


I’m not sure what you mean here but a WAYPOINT is usually put in when an object is moved and I’m not sure what value you you don’t want to disturb.

Lets take a simple example:

You want to move an object from one position to another position to the right on a simple straight line.

Instead of A, B, and C lets talk in frames (it’s easier for us).

Frame 0 is the first position. You go to frame 10 and move the object to another position. This creates a waypoint at frame 10. Then you go to frame 5 and see the object is “between” the two positions.

Now - what is it you’d like to do here and which value to you want to keep? Please also tell me what you do and what the result you get looks like so I can help.



Yes, it is. Right click the parameter you want to have a new waypoint at frame B and a new waypoint with the current value will appear at that frame for that parameter.

Again, there should be an easy way to do that for all the parameters (animated or not) or a certain layer. Another request for the developers.

Alternatively, if you need to keep all the composition in place at frame B (keep the pose at frame B) just create a keyframe at frame B, and the rules from the lock keyframes status, will add the needed waypoints to keep the pose at B for all the composition, regardless the surrounding animation you can create at near frames.

Please visit, waypoint and keyframe concepts at the wiki.